What people say about us

The love and affection we get from our customers the world over is a matter of pride for Murray-Ward. Before you buy, here is a sample of some recent comments about Murray-Ward so you can have a look at what others think of our products and our services.

"Snow hounds will love Murray Ward’s silver ski boot and helmet cufflinks and necklaces."

- Pippa Middleton, Telegraph.co.uk

"For many years the range of cufflinks sold by John Lewis was extensive and of extremely high quality, my particular favourite being the Murray Ward range"

- C. J. (Queen's Counsel), United Kingdom

"They [the cufflinks] look really great and I am convinced, that they are the perfect gift for my future husband for our wedding day"

- S. S., Switzerland

"I am delighted and appreciate your help. They [the cufflinks] look great!"

- H. M., Canada

"What an excellent service!"

- S. M., United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for replacing the 20 year old silver stud. We had no idea they were so old. It really is appreicated."

- K. K., United Kingdom